Guide to the payouts for bets on European Roulette

European Roulette is a fantastic game for lovers of chance who want to be able to place small bets and get to experience fantastic returns. Here is an easy to use list of all the bets you can place while enjoying roulette online, and the winning payout for the bet placed.

Bets in Roulette are split into two categories, Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

Here are the Inside Bets:

Straight Up (1 number bet) – Payout 35:1

A Straight Up bet is where you put your full bet on one number, this has the greatest risk but has the highest payout in the game!

Split Bet (2 number bet) – Payout 17:1

This is a bet where you place your chip on the line dividing two numbers. This way you win if the ball lands on either of these numbers.

Corner Bet/Square Bet (4 number bet) – Payout 8:1

This is where you place your betting chip on the '+' between 4 numbers. This is a safer version of the Split Bet where you are betting on 4 numbers with one chip.

Street Bet (3 number bet) – 11:1

This is where you choose a vertical row of three numbers to bet on. These numbers are based on the way they lie on the table. This way you get to bet on three numbers with one chip but the table design determines what those numbers are.

Line Bet (6 number bet) – 5:1

This is like playing a combination of a Split Bet and a Street Bet. Instead of choosing only online line of three numbers to bet on, here you use one chip to bet on six numbers by placing chip on the line dividing two Street Bets.

Four Bet/Top Line (4 number bet) – 8:1

This is a special bet where you have to bet on the following four numbers in European Roulette: 0, 1, 2, 3

Basket Bet (3 number bet) – 11:1

There is a riskier version of the Top Line bet called the Basket bet where you have to bet on the following 3 numbers: 0, 1, 2

    Here are the Outside Bets:

Column bet (12 number bet) – 2:1

This is where you place your chip at the head of any one the three horizontal rows which contain twelve numbers.

Dozen bet (12 number bet) – 2:1

This is similar to the Column bet in that you're selecting a set of twelve numbers but it is done by placing your bet in one of the boxes labelled "1st 12", "2nd 12" or "3rd 12"

Red or Black bets (colour pick bet) – 1:1

Not looking to take the risk of the number or columns bets you can choose to do a 50/50 bet. All you need to do is choose if you think the ball will land on Red or Black. The only outlier here would be if the ball lands on Green (0).

Odds or Evens (18 number selection) – 1:1

If you want to bet on a numbers then you can choose to bet on an odd or even outcome. Now since the European Roulette table has a 0 on it the bet is not a true 50/50. Your actual bet is 18/37 so you have a 47.4% chance of winning.

High-Low bet (18 number bet) – 1:1

Another easy to play bet is the High-Low bet. Here you place your bet by deciding if you feel the ball will land on the Low number set (1-18) or on the High number set (19-36).

What makes Roulette so unique and fun to play is that you can bet on any number of columns, splits and even colours. You are totally in control and can enjoy the entertainment of online roulette in any way you prefer. Play it safe or go for the big win with a 35:1 payout by picking your lucky number – the choice is yours!