About Indio Casino

Indio Casino has one primary focus and that is to be the number one online casino destination for lovers of roulette and other casino games from India!

To be number one Indio Casino asked India gamblers what they thought made a casino great and the response was:

1. Offer the best games
2. Allow us to play, and be paid, in Rupee
3. Pay us quickly every time
4. Give us localized Customer Support

Indio Casino has risen to the challenge and in some cases brought more than what was asked for.

Best Games, plus Security!

Indio Casino was launched on Playtech software because Playtech offered the very best in online roulette games – from high definition European Roulette to Marvel Roulette with its fantastic progressive jackpot to Multi Wheel Roulette where you can play six wheel at a time.

Playtech also offered some of the best online security for banking which ensures your credit cards and other banking information is 100% secure

Play and Win in Indian Rupee!

Indio Casino has secured relationships with banking and other financial institutions to allow them to not only accept deposits from Indian customers in Rupee but to also then payout player jackpots in Rupee. This means you always know what your spending, and how much you're winning – no currency conversion to make things confusing.

Best of all you can do this with your credit card, making is simple and secure for you to play the games you love. If you don't have a credit card you can add them to your banking or even make a deposit over the counter at a local bank.

Payouts in 3 Days… or LESS!

With these banking relationships in place Indio is able to make you a very simple promise. All verified cash-ins will be paid within 1-3 business days! That is a promise you can take to the bank.

Our Support Agents Know What You Need!

At Indio Casino it is a core belief that only someone who has walked in your shoes can best help you on your journey. For this reason they spend the time to ensure that their Customer Support teams are experts at the casino games and all the supporting services. To take it to the next level they hire support staff that are local to India and can assist you in your home language.